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Here is our claim of stake for our corner of the boundless internet fabric.


An open salutation, and an extended welcome to you!

We are a trio that form NETeSCAPE. We will introduce ourselves!

Hello, I am Red! I have a tendency to doodle here and there, I don’t think they’re all that good, though.

I (the one primarily writing), am Green. I like to write!

I am Blue. I mainly focus on music, though I rarely ever share my works.

We shorten our identity to “RGB” when we combine our strengths.

We do not have false names. Those were discarded ages ago.

Sometimes we will create individually, while others we create as one.

Such is the power of the boundless internet fabric.


Green is typing for this section.

I’ll be taking control of the “TXT” project from its previous owner.

Alongside some assistance, the project will be rebooted.

Please look forward to it!


Update: 2022-05-31